viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Weekend Trick (Change Interface Lenguage in SharePoint using 5 code lines)


  • Install the package.
  • Review the installation: go to Central Administration - Upgrade and Migration - Check product and patch installation status.
  • In your site go to Site Action - Site Settings - Site Administration - Language Settings and enable "Alternate language(s) Spanish.
  • Now in your visual studio solution create a new item - Visual web part and save as "ChangeLanguage".
  • Add  a button with the text "Change Language to Spanish".

  • Go to codebehind add the next name spaces: 
    • using Microsoft.SharePoint;
    • using System.Globalization;
    • using System.Threading;

  • into button click event add the next five code lines.

  • F5 add the webpart and test.

  • Press the button and the UI SharePoint language change to spanish.

Oscar Miguel Dominguez Acevedo.

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